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Presenting our extraordinary 2021 Malbec, a collaboration with the incredible artist Mousy DeVilla, whose prior works spotlight the remarkable contributions of essential workers, particularly in the farming industry. For this release, Mousy has crafted a unique artwork that continues the narrative of our food's journey from farm to table, shedding light on the challenges faced by farm workers.


With this expressive art, Mousy aspires to raise awareness and ignite curiosity about the working conditions of our essential workers. Join us in celebrating their tireless efforts as they bring us the bountiful fruits, vegetables, and packaged goods we savor daily.


In this bottle of Malbec, you'll discover not only the essence of a well-crafted wine but also a tribute to the dedication of those who toil in the fields. Each sip becomes an appreciation for the sacrifices made, and a reminder of the labor that nourishes us.


Indulge in the spirit of gratitude and compassion as you experience the rich flavors of this Malbec. Let Mousy's art spark a conversation and inspire us all to learn more about the unsung heroes who sustain us with their unwavering commitment.

Savor the beauty of this collaboration, where art and wine unite to pay homage to essential workers. Together, let's raise a glass to their resilience and unwavering spirit.

2021 Malbec

SKU: 0006
  • 2021 Malbec

    White Bluffs Red Wine

    White Bluffs AVA


    Tasting notes: bouquet of ripe blackberries, plum, and dark cherries fills the air, accompanied by subtle hints of tobacco, vanilla, and a touch of smoky oak.

    The first sip reveals a luscious and velvety texture, coating the palate with a burst of rich dark fruit flavors. Ripe blackberries and juicy plums take center stage, complemented by notes of blackcurrant and a touch of spiciness.

    Medium to full-bodied, with well-integrated tannins that lend a smooth and satisfying mouthfeel.

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