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How E3 Wines came to life

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

At E3 Wines, our journey began with a powerful vision—to make a lasting impact on our communities and pave the way for meaningful change. We aspire to be a voice for those who may feel unheard, advocating for equality and empowerment. As we continued brainstorming our idea, we knew we wanted to focus on educating our community on current issues, elevating people in our communities, and just evolving as people. This led us to E3 Wines (Educate, Elevate, Evolve = E3).

E3 Wines Team
E3 Wines

Educate: Creating Change through Awareness

To effect change, education is paramount. At E3 Wines, we are committed to initiating conversations that bring awareness to discrimination and its impact on marginalized communities. Our goal is to foster understanding and allyship, providing resources and support to those who seek to join the journey toward a more inclusive society. Part of our proceeds will be directed towards various programs and funds that further this cause.

Elevate: Empowering the Underrepresented

At the heart of our mission is the notion of "elevate." We strive to give a platform to the underrepresented, ensuring their voices and struggles are heard and respected. Through our wines, we have chosen to embody the elevation ideology by showcasing the work of talented minority artists on every bottle. Not only do we provide visibility, but we also grant each artist partial equity of proceeds—a testament to our commitment to uplifting those whose talents deserve recognition.

Evolve: Growing Stronger Together

We firmly believe that focusing on education and embracing diversity will lead to stronger neighborhoods and a better-balanced society. Our communities face challenging circumstances, making the evolution from discriminatory behaviors essential. At E3 Wines, we have pledged to lead by example in our local wine community. Embracing diversity, we sponsor and support minority-centric events, programs, and fundraisers, nurturing an environment of inclusivity and growth.

Our purpose goes beyond crafting exceptional wines. We stand united in our dedication to educate, elevate, and evolve — making a meaningful impact in the lives of those who need it most. By creating awareness, empowering the underrepresented, and embracing diversity, we hope to inspire positive change and foster a society built on unity and respect.

We hope that together and through wine, we can all join the journey that symbolizes the transformative power of education, the strength of upliftment, and the evolution towards a more inclusive and compassionate world. Cheers to a future where every voice is heard, and every heart is lifted.



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