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Our mission is about standing with the black community and any other minority group suffering injustice due to skin color, gender, sexual orientation, culture, and/or religious beliefs. We believe people create change, and that real change occurs when we recognize our individual and collective unconscious biases, and then bridge gaps of miseducation to foster growth, understanding, and allyship. We're taking action by educating, elevating, and evolving. Keep scrolling down to see what that means to us: 


By using our platform, E3 Wines is dedicated to representing the underrepresented. We strive to support and uplift those whose voices and struggles have been muted. “Elevate” is a word describing our mission to level the playing field for all regardless of race, gender, culture, religion, or sexual orientation. In practice, we have chosen to live an elevation ideology by making the commitment to showcase the work of a minority artist on every bottle we sell. Not only will we leverage our stage, but each artist will be granted partial equity of proceeds in return.


When we can focus on education, our neighborhoods grow stronger. When we can focus on diversity, our society becomes better balanced. Our communities are in the throes of trying circumstances in which evolution from discriminatory behavior is mandatory. We must be better, because we deserve better. E3 Wines has pledged to evolve their own local wine community by introducing diversity. We are tailoring our efforts to evolve through sponsoring and supporting minority centric events. We will use this space to teach the wine making process, teach about the racial disparities that exist in wine community, and encouraging all to help change the perception of who gets to experience the art of wine. 


We need your support.

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